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Ms Emma Hartnell-Baker

The Reading Hut

Emma Hartnell-Baker has a BEd Hons (Early Years specialism) and an MA SEN, and practical experience of supporting students and educators in a wide range of settings and countries, always driven by her passion for inclusion and thirst for learning.

She has QTS, and has taught as a classroom teacher, launched and managed two large day nurseries offering before and after school care, been appointed by OFSTED as an Early Years Inspector, and supported organisations such as Sure Start to promote children's learning skills, health, and well-being, and social and emotional development.

Emma spent three years working in Reception classrooms to design a replicable ‘approach’ for classrooms, whilst trying not to use the term ‘phonics’ or ‘program’ to avoid becoming embroiled in The Reading Wars.

The goal was to offer intensive, ongoing, and specialised interventions, especially in KS1 when literacy problems and difficulties co-occur with other neurodevelopmental issues, and to continually adapt and improve on these early interventions.

Her goal was to create a learning environment in which every child was taught as if they are learning to read and spell with dyslexia, to incorporate activities that enabled teachers to more easily identify those children at risk of literacy difficulties, and to offer additional support where necessary, all within the classroom setting.