Supporting the Dyslexic Student to Effectively Learn in the Digital Age

As many learners are today digital natives they naturally use apps to learn. The aim of the day is to help educators become familiar enough with the use of free or low-cost apps to be able them to effectively support their learners in a dyslexic friendly way.


Most learners today are digital natives. Educators can use low cost and free apps to encourage their learners to develop their own metacognition. To encourage learners to be aware of how they learn, think and adapt to their learning which lies at the centre of learning, can be fostered effectively if educators use apps to engage their learners.

Course Description

The majority of secondary, Further Education and University students would be defined as digital natives. A digital native is a learner who was born or brought up during the age of digital technology that they become so familiar with the use of digital technology they see it as a natural way to learn.

The aim of this day is to introduce to educators free or low-cost apps which students can apply to their learning to enable them to take more control of their learning.

How to use apps effectively combined with the skills of the educator to offer multisensory cumulative approaches to learning to foster metacognition should help the student from a neurodiverse background to gain the confidence and skills to improve their learning.   

The day will offer educators the opportunity in a ‘hands-on’ way to experiment and discuss the most effective way to use free or low-cost apps to engage with their learners.  The apps and technology which will be discussed will enable learners from a neurodiverse background to:

  • Plan and organise their time- to meet deadlines
  • Make effective notes
  • Plan their academic work
  • Proof read their work
  • Write large pieces of work including writing a dissertation
  • To produce written work through voice to text
  • To academically reference work
  • To effectively present a presentation

Course Outcome

To develop a basic familiarity with apps to enable course participants to incorporate the knowledge gained to apply to their own teaching situation and to discuss with course colleagues and trainers how to effectively use the apps to foster metacognition with their learners.


This training course is delivered as a full-day session beginning with coffee, and registration from 9.00am. The presentation starts at 10.00am prompt and closes at 4:15pm. Please note that lunch is provided on all full-day training courses.


Participants are requested to bring a mobile device to download apps on the day and also to have downloaded the free apps that were sent out in the joining instructions.


No Eligibility requirements are required except to bring a mobile device to download the apps on the day.

Target Audience

Educators working in secondary, Further Education and Universities.

Terms & Conditions

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This course is worth 5 hours CPD