Supporting the Dyslexic Student to Effectively Learn in the Digital Age

As many learners are today digital natives they naturally use apps to learn. The aim of the day is to help educators become familiar enough with the use of free or low-cost apps to be able them to effectively support their learners in a dyslexic friendly way.


Most learners today are digital natives. Educators can use low cost and free apps to encourage their learners to develop their own metacognition. To encourage learners to be aware of how they learn, think and adapt to their learning which lies at the centre of learning, can be fostered effectively if educators use apps to engage their learners.

Course Description

  1. Introduction: Latest developments and future possibilities in accessible digital design.
  2. Overview of the top features available in Apple, Microsoft and Google:
    • Reading tools
    • Vision tools
    • Hearing tools
    • Action tools
    • Dictation tools.
    • Personalisation settings
    • Spelling, thesaurus and translation tools
  3. Real life case studies of learners with SpLDs and the accessibility tools that support their needs.
  4. Introduction to Learning Labs and how this benefits learners with SpLDs.
  5. Practical workshop:
    • Learning how to use accessibility tools with the Accessibility Lab suites in Learning Labs.
    • Tasks on trialling the top accessibility features in Apple, Microsoft and Google.
  1. Group challenge – match the right accessibility tools to the learner’s difficulty.

Course Outcomes:

  1. Comprehensive knowledge of built-in accessibility tools for Apple, Microsoft and Google.

  2. Practical experience using built-in accessibility tools for Apple, Microsoft and Google.

  3. Comprehensive understanding of which accessibility tools and features support specific SpLD needs.
  4. Understanding of why every AT user with SpLDs can benefit from an AT e-learning tool.
  5. Free 2-year licence for every attendee. 6. CPD certificate from Learning Labs.

Course Eligibility:

Anyone with an interest in supporting individuals with SpLDs.


This training course is delivered as a full-day session beginning with coffee, and registration from 9.00am. The presentation starts at 10.00am prompt and closes at 4:15pm. Please note that lunch is provided on all full-day training courses.


Participants are requested to bring a mobile device to download apps on the day


No Eligibility requirements are required except to bring a mobile device to download the apps on the day.

Target Audience

Educators working in secondary, Further Education and Universities.

Terms & Conditions

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This course is worth 5 hours CPD