What Makes an Effective Primary Assessment? Webinar: SASC Authorised

Effective early primary assessment for Dyslexia/SpLDs is essential to help to comply with the Code of Practice and SASC guidance. This webinar will show what makes an effective assessment of the primary phase.


Increasing numbers of assessors are conducting assessments for the primary phase and wish to renew their APC’s by using a primary assessment.

This webinar will include up to date information in line with SASC guidelines and show how to write accessible and informative reports in the new format. 

Course Description

Using case studies, the webinar will cover all aspects of what makes an effective assessment from the importance of questionnaires, observations, conversations with the child, to the layout of the report.

The webinar will also include interpretations of findings from recommended standardised assessment tools which can build both the psychometric and diagnostic evidence needed to provide a comprehensive report for primary aged learners.

Course Outcome

Delegates will understand:

  • The new SASC guidelines for report writing
  • Interpretation of findings from diagnostic and standardised assessment in a relevant way to fit the primary phase of education
  • How to make appropriate recommendations based upon assessment findings which are relevant to the child, parents, and school


Delegates are expected to hold a relevant qualification in diagnostic assessment of SpLD (Level 7 or equivalent qualification)


The participants should be qualified assessors with a level 7 qualification

Target Audience 

This course is aimed at primary level assessors, or post-16 assessors who wish to transition into the primary phase of education


The webinar will be delivered in 2 x 1 hour 15 minutes webinars on Wednesday, 17 November 2021, 12.00 noon-1.15pm then 2.15-3.30 pm

Course Materials

Delegates will receive electronic copies of the handouts, but will be responsible for printing off their own copies.

Joining Instructions 

Once the course has been booked and paid for, you will be sent a link to register on GoToWebinar who will host the event a day or so before.

Terms & Conditions 

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Delegates will be responsible for ensuring that they have suitable Wi-Fi, hardware and software to enable them to attend the webinar. 


Sheila Rostill, Webinar Administrator

E: srostill@patoss-dyslexia.org

T:   07956 644 786

When & Where

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SASC Blue Block

2.5 Hours

For those professionals seeking to update an Assessment Practising Certificate, this event will contribute 2.5 hours to the core assessment practice CPD requirements.

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