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Additional Learning Support (ALS) Coordinator

Salary: - 0 to 0 per Annum

Location: Cambridge

Closing date: 30 August 2019


Job Overview

The position holder will support, hold accountable, develop and lead others in the team who teach and work in this area of the curriculum so as to ensure both high standards of teaching and learning, and the well-being of staff and students.

They will also organise and coordinate the general operation of the Department.

Key Responsibilities

  • To identify students with a Learning Difference and arrange for appropriate support to ensure their progress.

  • To ensure the maintenance of accurate and up to date information on the faculty. To co -ordinate the administration of initial screening test for all students as well as detailed psychometric testing for Access Arrangements.

  • To make use of analysis and evaluate performance data provided

  • To ensure that all students with learning difficulties and individual needs are given reasonable adjustments and provision to ensure that they have equal access to the curriculum and are able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge; this may include adjustments to classroom practice or the award of Access Arrangements.

  • To communicate the needs of the student to tutors and advise on classroom practice to provide equality and access to the curriculum and methods for the student to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

  • To undertake an appropriate programme of teaching in accordance with the duties of a classroom teacher.

  • To carry out responsibilities of a Personal Tutor.

  • Co-ordinating provision for students with learning differences and individual need.

  • Liaising with and advising fellow teachers - supporting subject staff in classes and leading specialist sessions for identified students

  • Responsibility for targeting students performing below target at each assessment stage (twice a term) and liaising with key subject staff to ensure process in place to follow up and support

  • Identifying Gifted and Talented students and ensuring support and challenging activities are in place within and beyond lessons

  • Managing any Additional Support teachers and any learning support staff

  • Contributing to the in-service training of staff

  • Liaising with external agencies and other providers under ECM agenda.

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Ensure that all students with learning difficulties and individual needs are identified using a variety of methods of identification, screening and formal assessment.
  • Ensure that all staff know what signs to look for and how to communicate their concerns confidentially to the ALS
  • Give opportunity for students to disclose areas of difficulty and need.
  • Respect students views and negotiate targets of support with the student
  • Monitor student progress against targets
  • Ensure that targets are regularly reviewed and evaluated