Campaigning for recognition of Specialist Teachers

We note there will be a significant proportion of learners with literacy difficulties and specific learning difficulties among the students targeted by this fund, many coming from families who cannot source appropriate dyslexia or learning support themselves. The gap between this group and other students will widen unless the catch-up tutoring delivered within this government initiative is effective in meeting the specific needs of students with learning difficulties.

A qualified specialist teacher not only identifies any specific intervention required for a student experiencing specific learning difficulties but also the impact on their curriculum access and therefore their educational progress.  Importantly, applying the techniques and strategies involved in teaching literacy to learners with SpLD, the literacy attainments of many other students are significantly improved.

It is therefore essential that fund allocation is flexible enough for schools to be able to choose and fund qualified, dyslexia-trained tutors.

Patoss joined by Sir Jim Rose, on behalf of the Dyslexia-SpLD Trust,  BDA,  Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, Dyslexia Guild and Dyslexia Action, CRESTeD have written to the following to urge recognition of our specialist teacher qualifications to support the National Tutoring Programme. We are offering access to our joint resources of professionally qualified and experienced specialist teachers and assessors of learners with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).

Sent to
Gavin Williamson, MP, CBE, Secretary of State for Education
Vicky Ford, MP Undersecretary for Children and Families
Lord Addington
Sharon Hodgson, MP
Becky Francis, CEO Education Endowment Foundation
Kathryn Davies, Programme Manager Education Endowment Foundation
Sir Peter Lampl, Chair, Sutton Trust
Andy Ratcliffe, CEO Impetus
Dr Geoff Mulgan, CEO NESTA

Download full letter here

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