Survey Results on Impact of Covid-19 restrictions on DSA student support

Over 3000 respondents contributed to this survey, many of them Patoss members, So thank you for aiding this important project organised by the Association of Non-Medical Help Providers (ANMHP) on the impact of Covid-19 on student's DSA learning support, their academic studies, and their wellbeing.

Sample of feedback from students:

“The mentoring and study skills is how I'm able to keep on track at the minute, I can't stress
just how important they are. Thank you for providing these services!”

Important issues identified:

“I need support to carry out and complete my studies, although I find online support very
difficult due to concentration, focusing etc it is better than no support so I am grateful for it.”

“Internet problems it’s hard to hear the other person which is greatly impacting on my
learning. For example we could do an hour and finish work now it takes up to 3 hour slots
which is frustrating.”

 Read the full survey results here

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